HUMAN RIGHTS: Every human being is beautiful and equal.
They may be little, but they're just as important!

The voice of our next leaders.

Cars kill too many of us each year.

GUN SAFETY: Until they are gone, we need to use them safely.
Animals love us unconditionally.
STRESS HURTS!: So here are some ways we can handle it.
SUPPORT: We ALL need it!
DO THESE OFTEN: You'll be glad that you did!
SOLUTIONS: To a less violent way of life.
TWITTER: Sharing my thoughts via my Twitter activity.
FACEBOOK: Sharing my thoughts via my Facebook activity.
MOVIES: My favorite movie is Auntie Mame. What's YOURS?
TV SHOWS: I love to watch tv but I'm no couch potato! :)
MUSIC: Truly the universal language.
COMEDY: Laughter is the best medicine.
GAMES: I'm addicted to many! Come see what they are.
POEMS: Poems that I and others have written.
BOOKS:  Books take us away...where do you want to GO?
PHOTOS: Chris' favorites plus my Flickr Site Photos.
DRAWINGS: Computer drawings that I've done.
RECIPES: Try tasting something new!
PEN PALS: Reach out and touch somebody's hand.
PEOPLE: People I love/admire.
QUOTES: My favorite quotes.
LINKS: My favorite Internet links (they are extensive!)

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