"Outside of a dog a book is man's best friend - inside of a dog it's too dark to read."
                                                        -Groucho Marx 

If there is something that you WANT to know or something thatyou NEED to know about ANY subject in the entire WORLD, or even if you just feel like reading about your favorite personality (I myself prefer autobiographies, since at least the people THEMSELVES wrote it), I suggest that you get yourself dressed, go right on out and visit either your local library or local bookstore. 

Isn't it absolutely AWESOME that we have these kinds of resources at our fingertips for the asking?! "I" think it is!  I mean just THINK about it! ever since we were children and we learned how to read we've relied on the printed words and the illustrations that often go along with them. Through books, we have been given the INCREDIBLE opportunity to be able to avail ourselves of the unlimited amount of infomation that is just waiting out there for us and it is SO EASY to get started!!! All we need to do is to pick up a book and SNAP! just like that we are transported to another galaxy...SNAP! we are transported to another country...SNAP! we are transported to another city...SNAP! we are transported into another person's life...SNAP!...we can learn how to crochet...SNAP! we can learn how to cook...SNAP! we are better able to take care of ourselves physically...SNAP! we are better able to take care of ourselves mentally...and it goes on and on without any limitations. Like I said before, isn't it AWESOME?! 

Remember...as long as you can read, the world is YOURS, so after you finish reading my web site  why not lose yourself in a good book?

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