"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. " 

                                                   - Mark Twaiin
I suggest that we all try to do these as often as we possibly can as a means of rechanneling our feelings of aggression:

Smile at yourself in the mirror and say, "Hi, Beautiful!"
Watch a sunrise
Stretch and feel that oh-so-great feeling!
Listen to music
Tell a loved one that you love them either in person or by phone
Spend quality time with a child/pet 
Go to Disneyland/Disneyworld 
Cook a favorite recipe
Take an aromatherapy bath with candles and music
Chat on the Internet
Watch the snow fall and then go play in it
Gaze at your Lava Lamp like I do mine! It really IS relaxing!
Go to the park and lie down under a tree/swing on a swing
Write in your online (or offline) journal 
Buy a beloved human or animal a present just because
Search for any subject on the Internet
Watch a sunset
Be strong
Start an online (or offline) photo album
Feed wildlife
Watch TV
Give what you can afford to a charity
Write a poem
Have a good cry
Draw a picture on your computer
Buy some plants/flowers or water yours if you have them 
Send someone a virtual present
Play with a computer (virtual) pet
Start a hobby
Clean your castle 
Take a car ride or a bus ride to your favorite getaway (or a mystery ride!)
Lose yourself in a book
Buy yourself a present just because
If you don't already play one, learn a musical instrument
Watch children ride on a carousel 
See a play
Have a "family night" once a week and take turns with ideas
Take a walk along a beach
Write an online (or offline) letter
Visit a museum (a real-life one or an online one)
If you believe in a higher power...pray
Really learn how to dance!
Be confident
Live life as if each day were your last!
Make lists (they will help you to organize your life!) 
Do an online (or offline) puzzle
Visit an art gallery (a real-life one or an online one).