"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself."
                     - William FFaullkner 

Oh how I ADORE my computer games, and oh how I adore it when I play them WELL! 

As often as we possibly can, my boyfriend Chris and I make it our business to find the time to enter into the wonderful world of COMPUTER GAMING.  Upon doing this, we find ourselves totally and completely immersed in a whole other place, where fantasy replaces reality and whatever stresses we had accumulated throughout our day are quickly played away! 

Between all of the EXCELLENT software there is out there (our favorite places to buy software are FRY'S ELECTRONICS and BEST BUY) plus of course the myriad of games and game-like applications that you can access from the INTERNET, there is literally NO LIMIT to the ways in which you can enjoy yourselves!!! 

Naturally, Chris has HIS favorite computer games just as I have MINE, and occasionally, even the twain shall meet, such as when Chris and I find ourselves engaged in a good old-fashioned game which we play over our Network connection.

One of my very favorite online games is known as Mad Gab and yes it's the same one as the game that you may know so well.  It was created by a pretty brilliant programmer by the name of Andy and I recently sent him an e-mail asking him to create a multiplayer version. I have to admit that I'm pretty good at this and it's a wonderful stress reducer.

Chris and I have several games that we are both absolutely crazy about...I get the high score and he beats my score...he gets the high score and I beat HIS score. LOL we may NEVER stop competing with one another, and at times the game gets quite intense. 

Another game that we love to play competitively (I can't seem to get even a score of 20 on this damn thing lol) is called City Jumper.  It's really addicting and can be quite frustrating, but one day I vow to get on that score board!!!! 

Although I do play many games online on my pc, for the most part I prefer playing my favorite gaming apps that can be played on tablets and smart phones. I use the Google Store but many of these games can be found on the App Store as well. All of them have become near and dear to my competitive heart. Not only do they offer us a chance to play some excellent games, but they ALSO include the exciting feature of competing against players from all over the planet!

Perhaps we'll meet in one of these games (the majority of them are multiplayer) so if you ever see a player with the screen name Marilyn Badthing or badthing, you'll know that it's me and I hope we'll enjoy a game together! 

Words with Friends
Angry Birds Friends
Bowling Online 3D
Trivia Crack
Family Feud 2 & Friends
Phrase Wheel
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire & Friends
4 in a Row Multiplayer
Toss the Ball
Virtual Table Tennis
Backgammon  Live
Superbuzzer Quiz Game
AbZorba Live Blackjack
Real Jigsaw
Crossword Lite
Mahjong Duels
Bee Brilliant
Checkers Online
Ships N' Battles
Reversi Online
AniPet Live Aquarium Wallpaper (Feed and Breed them!)
Spider Solitaire
Brick Breaker
Unblock Me
Akinator: The Web Genie (A lot of fun asking him questions!)
Unblock Me
Block Puzzle Classic Plus

I am always adding...