"Above all nations is humanity."
                                                    - Goldwin Smith 
Every single human being on this earth (children included) has the exact same right to be treated with nothing less than the dignity, understanding and respect that we ALL deserve. People, there are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule...

The need within us to safeguard this oh-so-precious right is something that has been the cause of every type of violent behavior that is known to the human race and this I feel is a terrible thing. 

Whenever my boyfriend Chris and I watch the News on tv or hear it on the radio, we become downright sick to our stomachs.  Hmmm...now why do you suppose this could be happening to us? do you think that it could possibly be that there are so many beautiful and heartwarming stories being reported around our world that the sheer excitement and wonder of it all is just toomuch for our delicate nervous systems to handle? or do you think that it could possibly be that after hearing as well as seeing so many of our fellow living things being tortured, maimed, shot, stabbed, beaten, blown up, robbed, sexually abused, raped and murdered that our senses become overwhelmed by utter despair?

YOU make the decision...

I would now like you to try and imagine a world where there is so little violence among the inhabitants that there would be absolutely no need for firearms, nuclear weapons, mines, pepper sprays or any other sorts of items of destruction.WOW!...do you honestly believe that such a thing could truly ever HAPPEN???!!!! Hmmm...in looking over my previous words, perhaps you may be thinking that what I have just stated, appears to sound like an impossibility. Well for MY part, all I have to say about THAT is...wouldn't it be INCREDIBLE if this should ever come to pass? . Okay...well perhaps this will sound more plausible...how about envisioning a world where there is such a minuscule amount of violence when it DOES occur that we actually only find ourselves using firearms that are equipped with an ability to stun ortranquilize their target when they find their mark? (i.e. non-lethal weapons). Wouldn't that be a more humane as well as lifesaving way to handle it? I certainly think so...In fact in MY opinion, the way things stand with us at the present time, we need to focus our attention on doing as much as we can to enforce the STRICTEST CONTROL on all weapons that we ever had so that far less lives (especially those of our innocent children's) will not be lost!!!!! 

It is not up to HIM and it is not up to HER but it is up to ME and it is up to YOU to make a difference in our world RIGHT NOW!!!

I just KNOW that we can do it if we ALL work together, because I KNOW that you want this world to be a better and safer one just as much as I do for everybody's sakes. 

PLEASE...if all you do as you go about your daily lives is try to bear in mind that every single living being deserves to be treated just as YOU YOURSELF wish to be treated, than I with my efforts, will be truly satisfied.


Hooray for our America for on June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States handed down an historic ruling that same sex marriage is now legal nationwide!

Parents/Caregivers: Click these links to find out how to raise non-violent children. Why? because I am of the opinion that a child who is raised in a non-violent household will almost certainly grow up to be a less violent adult. 

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