"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" 
              - H. M. Warrner, founder of Warner Brothers, in 1927 

Ever since its inception, the movie industry has given us an AWESOME education in the classroom of life!   In EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY and in EVERY CONCEIVABLE CATEGORY, we the movie-watching public, have been IMMEASURABLY INFLUENCED by the extremely multi-talented individuals who, through their combined efforts,  make up what we've come to refer to as "SHOW BUSINESS. "Case in point...how many of you guys out there can accurately quote (or know OTHERS that can quote) famous lines from your favorite movies? Would you care to try and guess what THIS famous quote is?

"Life is a banquet and all of you poor suckers are starving to death"

I'll give you a few moments..............................................

Okay! time's up! have you GUESSED it yet?! well just in case you haven't, the quote is from my favorite movie in the world, "AUNTIE MAME."  Oh how I just ADORE this movie!!! In MY opinion, it has EVERYTHING!!! Superb acting, the ability to evoke the full spectrum of emotions and of course a marvelous story. 

Every year, Chris' late Father George, used to do something for his own personal enjoyment that his family and friends looked forward to as well (and this is because he DID it so well!) which he entitled, "GEORGE'S OSCARCAP." This was George's unique and original way of paying homage to the Academy Awards presentations. 

Written in the style of horseracing handicapper's lingo, his "OSCARCAP" was truly a kick to read!  Naturally, the first step in this process is to go see all of the movies as well as all of the actors/actresses that are up for nominations.  Once THAT had been done,  he was then ready to start typing up his "form"  utilizing his trusty computer and printer.  In addition to handicapping all of the information in the proper categories, George ALSO brought to his "OSCARCAP" endeavor his own special brand of insightful humor, by way of his razor sharp wit.  It's really difficult to say who ended up having the most fun ---- George when he was CREATING it or US as we were READING it!  Oh and by the way...his favorite movie of all time was, "THE WIZARD OF OZ." 

Have you ever wondered what the real names of famous people are? well me TOO so here are some VERY interesting websites and wait until you see some of the names! 

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