"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable an ignoreable war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder." 
                                                 -Albert Einnstein

Being non-violent by nature, please BELIEVE me, if I had in my possession a magic wand that I could just wave upon this beloved planet of ours and say, "Abracadabra, 1-2-3, remove all violence for you and me" I give you my promise that I would do this without a second's hesitation if I knew that by DOING so, it would bring about a solution to our terrible out-of-hand problem of world violence. 

Despite the fact that I've been called everything from naive to an idealist for my beliefs, I will NEVER stop hoping that one day soon we will take a good hard look at our fellow human beings and realize that although we don't have a magic wand, we DO have SOMETHING that is truly MIRACULOUS because within it contains the power of the most complex computer that the world has ever known, called the HUMAN BRAIN, and WITH it, we humans ARE capable of co-existing without having to resort to so much violence in order to see us through...

And now with your kind permission, I would like to share with you a few selected non-violent methods of self-protection that I have taken from the various books on self-defense that I have read:


Be very aware that there are dangerous people out there in our world.  Even though you may THINK that nothing bad will ever happen to you, chances are, thatit just MIGHT.  Don't act like a victim! Walk with confidence and keep your eyes moving around you at all times. 

If you are out in public and you feel that your life is in danger by somebody, scream the word "FIRE!" at the top of your lungs and then run away. Even though it may be illegal to do this, screaming this word will definitely alert the attention of those around you better than ANY word will and in MY opinion, is it far better to risk breaking THIS law than being harmed or killed.

If confronted by somebody who you feel wants to steal your money, throw whatever money you may have in your wallet in one direction, and then run in the other.  The perpetrator will most ALWAYS go for the money and not for you.

Try not to ever walk alone if it is late at night and DEFINITELY never walk alone late at night on dark streets or alleys. 

If confronted by somebody who attempts to get you away from the public eye in order to harm you, DO NOT ALLOW HIM/HER to take you away.  A good way to avoid this is to faint. Yes, FAINT! It has been repeatedly proven that if you pretend to faint, your attacker will more times than not, begin to panic and want to get away from you as quickly as they can.

Children should NEVER open their front door when they find themselves at home alone, if there is somebody standing on the other side that they do not recognize. To all of you adults out there, you should exercise caution as WELL, by NEVER opening your front door without first attempting to identify the person standing on the other side either by using a peephole or a window.  If you are not expecting this particular person or do not recognize the person, use your head and ask appropriate questions before you decide to open the door. 

If you are a teenager, be SMARTand don't get involved with people you feel in your heart are a bad influence.If you DON'T, you'll end up ruining not only your OWN chances for a decent, beautiful life but your FAMILY'S chances as well. Are things like drugs, alcohol, a joy ride or a weapon really WORTH all of the pain that they will cause? THINK ABOUT IT before you do anything that might screw up your lives FOREVER!.


Please bear in mind that EVERYTHING begins with our treasured children. As such, it remains the adult's responsibility to teach them right from wrong so that they can be fully prepared to function in our society as loving, caring, sensitive and respectful individuals.WE are their first and most important role models and it is from US that they learn what is acceptable behavior or not.  Hence, if we OURSELVES display negative personality traits such as being nasty, uncaring, insensitive, disrespectful, prejudiced people, naturally, our children will hear us talking or see our actions and begin to emulate our behavior in society. It has been proven over and over again that if we present ourselves as a violent people, in that we use our hands or weapons against another person in order to take out our aggressions, then our children will grow up doing the very same thing in society as well.

Something deeply upsetting as well as very dangerous has been occurring within our schools with regard to the fact that our nation's young people seem to be heavily relying on a firearm for protection. Studies prove that children who watch a great deal of violence on television and in the movies at the age of 8 are more likely to commit violent crimes by the age of 30, so please keep this in mind, parents, and do what you can to limit your childrens' exposure to violence in the media.  Since children learn from what they see and hear, viewing too much media violence will definitely teach them that violence is the accepted way in order to solve problems, disagreements and differences. If you would like to reduce your child's exposure from media violence, try cutting down on the media influence by deciding to spend more quality time with your children. Go out and buy a good book and then read the book either to or with your children, depending on their age. Attempt focusing their attention upon the arts, by way of having them get into drawing and writing as a means of self-expression. Once they have created something, make sure that you talk with them about it. It will be a learning experience for all involved. Take your children to a museum. Take them to a play. Introduce them to the incredible world of the personal computer! Take them on an outing with you. And PLEASE don't forget to spend quality time with them, talking about these experiences often. Within our educational system, we can offer our children peace education classes. A lady who is very knowledgeable in this subject, Leah C. Wells, speaks about this on this extremely informative website.


If you yourself or if somebody that you know is experiencing violence in their personal lives, PLEASE GET SOME HELP IMMEDIATELY.  Please keep in mind that every single life form on this earth deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, so if you, or somebody that you know, or somebody that you see, is being mistreated/abused in ANY way, please don't feel as if you need to keep silent about it, because you DON'T

There are many means of support for you out there but first it's up to YOU to reach out your hand... I DO realize that it's isn't an easy thing for a person to put their trust in someone else, but in order for you to take the first step toward a healthier and happier life you MUST do you best to trust another person...some people you might want to attempt to open your heart to are a trusted relative, a trusted friend, a member of the clergy, a teacher, a therapist or a support group that deals with your particular issue.

Please allow me to offer you my OWN support by way of either visiting my LINKS page and looking for my SUPPORT category or if you feel that you would like to talk to me, I want you to know that I am always here for you if you need a friend...


I hope you will please decide to visit this web site often. After all, I created it for not only MYSELF, but for YOU, as well!  It is my greatest wish that you will be able to find some useful information within these pages that will hopefully have a positive influence upon your life. 

Read as many books, magazines and newspaper articles as you possibly can on the subject of non-violence or violence in our society.

Whenever there is a news feature or television show that will be dealing with the subject of non-violence or violence in our society, do your best to watch it.  Any information you can glean from these shows will be useful to you.


There is nothing like the feeling of personal involvement! Have you ever sat in front of your tv set and said in frustration, "If I could only DO something about this!" or "DAMN IT! something has to be DONE!" well...then go right ahead and DO it! You have the RIGHT, you know. I'm sure that there are many issues or laws that you feel should be addressed or changed or instituted by our politicans who are after all, working for each and every ONE of us, so.....the next time you get so riled up about something that you begin shaking and screaming and pounding the arm of your chair, DO something about it!  I've tried to give you a little help in this by putting a category called POLITICAL on my LINKS page. I hope it will assist you the next time you feel that you'd like to get personally involved. 

Some things you might want to do are: Write to your local mayor's office, congressperson, senator, etc. and tell them what you think, participate in rallies, marches and group meetings that pertain to your particular cause/issue, start your own movement, sign petitions, make telephone calls and you might even want to create your OWN web site here in the amazing Internet in order to bring attention to your issue/cause! 

Please remember, just because you may feel that you'd love to become personally involved in a cause/issue, there is NO REASON ON THIS EARTH that you must feel that in order to FURTHER your particular issue/cause, you need to ABUSE anybody in any way, shape or form, simply because they don't agree with your views.


I am fully aware that there are times in people's lives when it is just impossible to hold in their pent up rage for one more moment or they will explode and since this rage definitely needs some place to go that wouldn't end up hurting anyother living being, I would like to now suggest an alternative method, which I wish EVERYBODY on this planet would use for their anger. Can you guess what is it? it's a punching bag. Nothing gets hurt, very non-violent.