"All life is an experiment."

                                                -Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Stress is blamed for nearly everything that makes your mind and body feel bad.  Well I say,you are the artist and your life is the canvas, so let's use the following tools to paint ourselves a more beautiful picture!

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF by acknowledging your beauty as a WHOLE person.This means nuturing your inner self  as well as your outer self with the sole purpose of continually striving to be the best possible human being that you can be! For your OWN sake, as well as for the sakes of your loved ones, try your best to reduce stress (both emotional and physical). 

THINK OF ALL THE POSITIVES IN YOUR LIFE and be thankful for the gifts that you have. Do yourself a wonderful favor and take a good long look at your life through anti-materialistic eyes and I have a very strong feeling that you will quickly come to realize that not EVERYTHING you possess revolves around money! 

GIVE OF YOURSELF any way that you can.  at a stranger and BOTH of your moods will lift!  Donate what you can afford to a person and/or an organization andthe feeling you will ultimately experience will be PURE SATISFACTION.  Volunteeryour time/services and the rewards you will reap will be INCREDIBLE.  There are SO many ways you can help another living thing!

so be gentle with yourself and don't even TRY to be.  Why do you think there are erasers on pencils and also, that wonderful invention called White-Out? A little trivia:  Michael Nesmith (formerly of the singing group "The Monkees") mother invented it

TAKE EACH DAY AS IT COMES and try living your life as smart and rational as you possibly can. Please don't allow your past to ruin your future!  instead, LEARN from it and realize that you are a BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING  inside and out and deserve to have an equally beautiful life! 

ALLOW PEOPLE TO BE THEMSELVES and please try to realize that no matter WHAT you do, you CANNOT change them.  What you CAN change, however, is your OWN way of relating to them.

LEARN HOW TO SAY NO GENTLY YET FIRMLY in a way that will empower you with self-love, strength and respect while at the same time letting the other person know that you care about THEIR feelings as well. Please realize that people do not always agee and try to celebrate thethings that make us so UNIQUELY DIFFERENT from one another! 

DON'T ALWAYS ACT YOUR AGE no matter WHAT your parents told you! Like the song says - "Fairy tales can come true it can happen to you, if you're young at heart..." 

LAUGH! Laughter is the BEST MEDICINE and if you ever feel that you need your daily dose, please try my suggestions:

      - Rent a video of a stand-up comic&llt;
      - Rent a video of a comedy movie/tv show
      - Check movie listings for a comedy movie&llt;
      - Check tv listings for a comedy movie/shooow
      - Make a "laugh box" by filling an empy booox with
        amusing stories/cartoons/comic strips
      - Go to my LINKS page and look under the COMEDY category 

RELAX and take some "ME" time for yourself as often as you possibly can.  For suggestions, please go to my DO THESE OFTEN page. 

REMEMBER - People LOVE being around those who have a great sense of humor, so cultivate yours.  Oh and one MORE thing - if you can find the humor in any given situation, you're one step ahead of the game! 

NEVER STOP LEARNING all that you can and think of yourself as a teacher as WELL as a student in life's ever-growing, ever-changing amazing classroom!

RESPECT OTHERS by treating them exactly as you yourself would like to be treated, and I PROMISE YOU that your life will be richly rewarded. If you should find yourself in a situation where you feel yourself becoming stressed out to the max, please try my suggestions:

      - Listen carefully to the person you are ssspeaking with 
        (making eye contact if possible). 

       - Make certain you let the person you are sspeaking
        with know EXACTLY how you are feeling because 
        they are NOT a mind reader and they DO need to 

     - Try not to put the other person down forrr what their 
        beliefs/opinions are as everybody has a right to their 
        own opinions. Yes you SHOULD disagree and debate
        with them (I LOVE a good debate!) but  no, I repeat,
        you SHOULD NOT put them down. 

      - Try not to scream at another person, but if you
        happen to find yourself doing so, try to gain control
        of yourself by closing your eyes and taking a few
        deep breaths. If this doesn't seem to help, try
        removing yourself from the eye of the storm by
        walking into another room or by taking a walk in order
        to give yourself (and the other person as well) time to
        consider the situation. 

       - PLEASE, PLEASE call a trusted relative, friend,
        clergy member, therapist and/or support group hotline
        if you ever feel that you are so stressed out that you 
        just HAVE to talk with someone or are seriously
        considering emotionally and/or physically abusing
        either yourself or another living thing.


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