"The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything."

                                                                          -Oscar Wilde 
Hi you guys!  What I'm attempting to do here via my website is really quite a serious thing and I honestly want you to know that I appreciate your taking the time to stop by. 

After all, since it is YOU who are the next up and coming generation, if you really THINK about it, it is ALSO you who possess the loudest voice and most powerful influence as far as making positive changes in our world is concerned!

All you need to do is tap into your creative as well as imaginative personalities and I have the utmost confidence that this world WILL get better every day! 

Please listen you guys...I am not doing this because I want to preach to you...I am doing this because it is my sincerest wish that you will believe me when I tell you that I truly DO understand that being a teenager in this world of ours is not always such an ultra-fabulous, wild and crazy, having nothing but fun and games type of existence that SOME people would have the rest of the world believe. What I guess I am trying to say to you is that I am well aware that you have an awful lot of day-to-day type stuff that you may encounter that ISN'T such fun for you all of the time such as the stuff that you are constantly having to deal with like the fear of getting AIDS,or being surrounded by those people who just might be doing drugs, or who just might be carrying weapons to school, or who just might be drinking, or who just might have a dangerous attitude problem, or who might possibly belong to a gang, and this is not even getting into any ADDITIONAL problems that you may be experiencing within your very own PERSONAL family lives!

You know something tells me that like myself, you TOO are getting sick and tired of all of the violence and the prejudice that you are seeing as well as experiencing all around you. It really upsets me deeply that every day in our world more and more people (especially children and teenagers) are either being hurt or killed just because somebody may not like the color of their skin, or the way that they talk, or the car that they drive or the clothes that they wear or the people that they are hanging with or many OTHER reasons that cause people to treat one another badly and end up doing things to one another like shooting each other or stabbing each other. 

<SIGH> Doesn't all of this violence make you wonder where we are headed as a human race? I mean all we have to do is turn on the TV and there it is right in our faces...people beating one another up, people getting shot by guns every day and countries talking about possibly going to war. Well guess what? if this is bothering YOU as much as it bothers ME, you can actually DO something about all of this and by deciding to come here, that is ALREADY telling me that you are interested in living in a more peaceful and non-violent world! 


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