"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight."
                                                        -George Gobbel

My very first tv memory consists of sitting in front of the tv set on the living room carpet in my Maternal Grandparents' apartment staring at something that must have been quite unusual to me at the time (either THAT or I was an extremely weird kid!) ...On the screen were all sorts of interesting lines and shapes, accompanied by the strangest assortment of monotonic sounds I had ever heard!  Although it DID seem to go on forever, there must have been SOMETHING that was fascinating to my three-year-old mind, because to hear my Grandmother Sarah tell it, more often than not, she would find her little "darling" sitting right there in front of that early morning test pattern whenever she would get up at 5:00 AM to begin her day... 

The amazing invention of the television set (or tv set as it is more commonly known) allows us to experience an almost "right there" feeling of actually being able to see and/or hear the miraculous world around us without ever leaving the room that we are in.  Learning about this world grows more exciting every day as our technology continues to bring us even CLOSER to achieving this "right there" feeling.  Case in point...one day, my boyfriend Chris and I walked into one of our local electronics stores and we noticed a fairly large crowd standing in front of a tv set. As we later found out, this was no ORDINARY tv set, but was something that was called, "High Definition Television." As we stood there viewing the motion on the screen, our eyes nearly popped out of our heads in awe, for never before had we seen such amazing clarity and realism portrayed upon a television set. We looked at each other and as if one thought, our eyes conveyed, "YES!!! WE HAVE TO HAVE ONE SOMEDAY!!!"

Seeing how rapidly things are moving in this field, Chris and I find ourselves wondering when we will be able to taste and smell what we see on tv.

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