Hello, I am Chris and I am in charge of these three photo pages. I am putting up several pictures that my Marilyn took. These are my favorites and I believe Marilyn to be as good a photographer as any that I have seen.

This is a picture of Figaro I call him Fig Beast.


This  picture  was  taken  at an altitude  of 10,000
feet  on  Tioga Pass North of Yosemite. The  tree
looks  like  a  woman  with   long   flowing  hair,
braving  a  violent   storm.   I  love  this  picture.


Marilyn  and  I  were  2  hours away from
looking out "her" forehead when Marilyn
took this picture


This is the Fig Beast at his baddest. This cat goes crazy for his
brush. He just loves to be brushed  with it. Aren't these gems?


 This  picture  was taken after an ice storm in good old
Bensonhurst  Brooklyn.  If  you  look  closely,  you can
see ice encapsulating the branches. This is one of my


Marilyn  took  this  picture  while  we  were
visiting Washington D.C. This picture could
be  called  "reflection"  and it would  mean
many  things.   This   is  the   Vietnam   War
Memorial.  What a moving experience.



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