These two bad guys are my Mother's companions, Purrbaby
(PB, or P. Baby), and Peppy. Peppy knows he did something
wrong. P. Baby knows but he doesn't care.


This picture was not taken by the Mars Rover
but  you  might find  Hollywood  film  makers
filming  alien landscapes here. This is a shot
of  Vasquez Rocks in  Agua Dulce California.
Countless  movies  and   commercials  have
been filmed here  where an alien landscape
is needed.


Would  you  believe  that  this shot was taken in Bensonhurst
Brooklyn?  This is the New Utrecht Church not far from where
Marilyn and her Mother Harriet used to live before they came
out to California.


This  is  a shot of the  Famous Santa Monica
Pier. The building houses the Carousel that
was in the movie "The Sting".


Marilyn took this  picture when we were vacationing
in San Diego, CA. I bet Fig Beast would love to have
that tongue as an appetizer.


 This  is  one of my  favorite pictures. I would
not want to be in the  top of the Washington
Monument with a  huge bird circling above.



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